morning practice, Matt Schaub threw a beautiful pass to the sideline for Andre Johns..."/> morning practice, Matt Schaub threw a beautiful pass to the sideline for Andre Johns..."/>

Who Will be Houston Texans 2011 Breakout Player? Glover Quin, “I Will Be.”


In Thursdays morning practice, Matt Schaub threw a beautiful pass to the sideline for Andre Johnson. Right when Johnson was about to catch the ball and pull it to his chest, Quin showed a great closing burst, reached out and stripped the ball from Johnson.

“The God Father” Gil Brandt once predicted the Texans  cornerback Glover Quin would become one of the biggest surprises in the league.

Mr. Brandt happened to be referring to Quin in his rookie season back in 2009 when Quin was a fourth-round pick from New Mexico. Whether in 2009 or now in 2011 it is all irrelevant now because Brandt was definitely onto something with his foresight of Glover Quin.

In Wade Phillips’ defense the safety position is an intricate part of the total body of work the defense is attempting to accomplish. Safety can easily be compared to the quarterback position on the opposite side of the ball within defensive coordinator Wade Phillips  defensive philosophy. The safety has to make plays. Philips’ 3-4 defense is designed for the safety to make plays and if the safety performs to design then a pro bowl year can be expected by Glover Quin.

With a front seven poised to dictate the pass rush and expected to drastically improve over last years non-existent pass rush. The number of opportunities for the secondary in regards to interceptions should increase immensely. Glover Quin for one is aware of this.

Glover Quin is being paired with free agent signee Danieal Manning to roam the secondary both of whom are ready to read and react as the front seven set the tone, pressure, and force opposing quarterbacks into errant throws.

Glover Quin was anxious to find out if his rumored move to safety during the NFL Lockout was true. Since the conclusion of the lockout and the opening of the NFL season Quin along with the rest of the city has found the rumor to be true and has embraced the move with open arms and intercepting hands.

Quin seemlessly has made the transition and everything we hear out of traning camp is that Quin is making plays. The kind of plays which opened up this actual post. The kind where Quin is jumping routes, displaying balnket coverage on the opposition, and stripping the ball from the best wide receiver in the NFL.

If Quin is making plays like this on Andre Johnson, the best wide receiver in the NFL, then offensive players on opposing teams really do not stand a chance. Quin could put up pro bowl numbers this season if his play remains constant through out the season. And a Texans defensive MVP award should be obtainable with exceptional play from Quin.

We recall early last month during Glover Quin’s interview on Sirius XM Radio when asked on the show Late Hits. Gil Brandt asked Quin, “What player on your team who is there right now will have the biggest breakout season? Who will be this years Arian Foster for the Houston Texans?”

Glover Quin’s replied simple, “Me. I will be.”

Glover Quin feels that the offense will produce as they typically do. And if the defense can improve to at least a top 20 defense then the Houston Texans will make the playoffs.

It is true that the AFC South title goes through Indianapolis but many feel as if the division will be up for grabs this year. With the subtractions in Indianapolis and the improvements the Texans have made defensively have us excited about the prospect of an AFC crown. We believe 2011 will be the first of Houston’s many more to come in the AFC South.