Houston Texans Continue Training Camp Still With No Foster


The NFL Preseason kicked off with a few games on the slate for tonight and more scheduled for tomorrow as well.

Brian Cushing finally got on the field in an increased work load but he is behind DeMeco Ryans as far as health situation goes. The Texans players are tweaking hamstrings at an epic rate.

Arian Foster seems to feel as if practicing tomorrow is not an option, “No, I doubt that I’ll practice tomorrow.” Coach Gary Kubiak isn’t quite as sure.  “He’s (Foster) doing fine.  I would suspect we’ll be smart with him probably through the weekend.

It’s highly unlikely that we will see Arian Foster Monday night against the New York Jets. As long as Arian Foster is healthy for the first game of the season it’s not likely that Foster will be in jepordy of not starting the season where he left off last year.

A rushing title in hand and an owner in Bob Mcnair who seems more than willing to pay Foster if in fact the NFL rushing king  can duplicate or even partially reproduce what was done last year on the ground by Foster and the Texans offensive line.

After leading the league in rushing, yards from scrimmage and touchdowns last season, Texans running back Arian Foster was an exclusive rights free agent. He opted to sign a one-year tender offer last month rather than hold out or cause a stir about his contract, and he has been with the team for all of 2011 training camp.

Texans chairman and CEO Bob McNair discussed on Wednesday Foster’s decision to quietly sign his tender last month.

“I think Arian understands that if he goes out there and performs this year, shows that he can be consistent, he’ll be rewarded,” McNair said. “That’s how the game works, but you don’t do it based on one season. One of the things that makes great players is consistency. The players that can go out there, that’ll be on the field and you can rely on them to be there and they’re going to go out there and produce the same results year after year, that’s what makes Hall of Fame players.”

Arain Foster can be labeled as an ultimate team player. How many players would not have held out after having a league leading season like Foster put together last year?

DeSean Jackson in Philadelphia is unhappy with his contract and has threatened a hold out. Chris Johnson in Tennessee is holding out at the moment as well. Both of these players are unhappy with their current contracts after having mediocre seasons at best last year.

Yet Arain Foster quietly signs a one year tender for what amounts to peanuts compared to his offensive output last year. The action speaks volumes about Foster and it speaks a ton about his philisophical demeanor.

Houston Texans teammates and fans should get used to seeing Arian Foster in a Houston Texans uniform. After the first four games of the season we would not be surprised to see Foster locked up long term especially when Foster takes over right where the rushing king left off last year. And that was out running everyone on his way to the endzone.

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