Texans Antonio Smith On Rookie J.J. Watt, “He works hard, he’s a dog.”


UPDATE: Just added a short clip of a drill including J.J.Watt and Mario Williams lined up on the same side. The video was provided by NFL Scout Jayson Braddock.

After this mornings Texans practice defensive end Antonio Smith had an interesting quote when asked about 2011 Texans first round pick J.J. Watt.

“He works hard, he’s a dog.” Antonio Smith said, “He’s got some quickness, he’s got some power, he plays with leverage, good hands and he’s got some of the raw talents that you would need to be a great defensive lineman in this game.”

We keep hearing very good things about Watt’s performance at camp thus far. The Houston Texans were high on the Wsiconsin product coming into the draft. It seems that Watt’s teammates and fans attending camp are getting a first hand glimpse of exactly why that was the case.

Texans management up to this point seemed to have gotten it right while addressing a major team need. We love Watt and feel he will be a dominate presence at the end position for years to come in Houston.

An interesting quote we found by J.J. Watt after a recent training camp practice. When asked why Watt always seemed to be going one hundread percent.

Watt answered, “I mean I try, that’s how you play the game of football you never know which play is going to be your last. I know that there’s millions and millions of people out there that wish they were in my shoes. They would be going full speed all the time so I better be going full speed all the time.”

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