True Team Players


As we all know by now, the Texans have brought in free agents Jonathon Joseph, Danieal Manning, Dorin Dickers Lawrence Vickers and as well as a few others; unfortunately, there is no unlimited salary level. The league salary cap is set at 120$ Mil and the signing of said free agents put the Texans over the 120 million salary cap, as any football aficionado will tell you: the salary cap is a strict limit on pay roll to prevent “richer” franchises from attracting all the talent, abusing the no limit salary, and thus having unfair advantage as a power house. Should the team not be under the cap by week 1, they are disqualified and cannot play. The Texans were not going to be able to convince the commissioner, or anybody for that matter, to raise the salary cap just the 8.6 or so million that they went over, so where and how can they lower their pay roll back down to 120 million? Restructure current players’ contracts of course!

Now, I know everybody celebrates when they get a raise, from a simple quarter an hour or a whole dollar (believe me, that’s a lot on an hourly wage) but what if your pay gets lowered?  I know I would be devastated if my boss came in and said: “Richard, we’ve brought in a few extra hands to work with you, but this company cannot afford their salary, we’ve taken the liberty of lowering your pay to be able to afford said people!” I’d be very upset, as would you, don’t even try to lie. Andre Johnson, DeMeco Ryans, and Antonio Smith on the other hand, have cut their pay, by an undisclosed amount at this point in time, to get the team under the salary cap  to be able to play their opening day game. That is a great show of selflessness by these veterans and team captains; amazing, unmatched dedication to this team; parallely equaled only by Payton Manning who turned down a 6 figure contract extension that would make him the highest paid player in the league. These three unselfish, modest players deducted their own pay for the benefit of the entire team, as well as the fans. I salute these three gentlemen as they have done something i would have not done, we owe them undivided gratitude and support. Thank you gentlemen, you are a shining example of dedication and putting the team before yourself!

– Richard Perez