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Houston Texans Training Camp Day 5 Quick Slants


The Texans went from 71 players practicing yesterday to 85 players practicing on day 5 of training camp.

Tight end Owen Daniels left practice early. Coach Gary Kubiak told the media after practice, “Sick. We got a bug going on with our team. We’ve had two or three guys a day. I think we had six today, so we’ve got some kind of little bug going on. He tried to come out here and I sent him back in.”

Andre Johnson was not feeling well either.

Mario Williams looked really good and has taken to the Texans are trying to do with him.

Running back Arian Foster ran one time into the end zone about 35-40 minutes into practice and then left due to feeling his hamstring tighten up.

The Texans secondary and the defense looks to be ahead of the offense at this point. Not to be surprised this is usually the case early in training camps but is especially surprsing considering that this is a brand new Wade Phillips 3-4 defense that is being implemented.

CB Brandon Harris’ work with Texans recevier and fellow University of Miami alum has prepared him a lot and seems to be giving him self confidence by competing against one of the best receivers in the NFL.

On safety Danieal Manning’s first day of team practice Manning intercepted a Matt Schaub pass.

Second year cornerback and 2010 first round pick Kareem Jackson sees that both Danieal manning and Jonathan Jospeh are going to be both a vocal and physical presence out on the field.

During his first practice, receiver Jacoby Jones caught a touchdown pass over the middle despite close coverage by safety Glover Quin.

Defensive tackle Earl Mitchell on making the transistion to the new 3-4 defense, “The adjustment hasn’t been too much of a learning curve for me. I played a lot of nose tackle last year, so it’s just a matter of working on technique again and it’s pretty much like riding a bike. I’m just trying to get after it.”

The young wide receivers are performing well and they’re not deer in the headlights, so to speak, so a need to keep them growing and progressing is important according to Texans quarterback Matt Shcaub.

The Texans will push through practice until Sunday and then will be given a day off on Monday. We will keep you posted as the Texans grind everyday as the beginning of the NFL season draws closer.

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