Darren Sproles, Vince Young and more: NFL Free Agent Round Up


 In this mornings free agent round up we’ll start it off with the hometown Texans. The last few nights general manager Rick Smith and vice president of football administration Chris Olsen have been burning the midnight oil. Much credit has to go out to these guys along with team owner Bob McNair for stepping up to the plate and making defensive coordinator Wade Phillips job a whole lot easier.

While other teams had laid it down for the free agency eve the Texans announced argreements reached in principal with former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Jonathan Joseph.

Don’t close those eyes just yet. Even later into the night Danieal Manning was announced as coming to terms with the Texans to the tune of $20M over four years including $9M guaranteed and $11.5M over the first two years. Go Texans!

In other less significant non-Texans related news Vince Young is hopeing to follow in Mike Vick’s footsteps.

Chad Ochocinco could at any time challenge Coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots to a boxing match. Belichick looks the part with the hoodie he is usually seen donning.

Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey both will be competing for Cam Newton’s affection by polishing Cam Newton’s Heisman Trophy.

Guard Davin Joseph and Right tackle Jeremy Trueblood are being paid to play back at home in Tampa Bay.

Nnamdi Asomugha, this years premier free agent reportedly declined to play in Houston for $14M. Instead the Texans couldn’t wait and went with Jonathan Joseph.

Odds are the Carolina Panthers will be on the receiving end of more losses than wins. They are going to pay Jon Beason and a slew of others alot of money to do it to.

Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald will be making southwest air connections.

Reggie Bush finds a new home where Bush will be swimming with the Dolphins.

Bush is out and Sproles is in down in the Big Easy.

Roy Williams to try and rekindle his passion for Mike Martz’s offense.

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