Offense Earns Championships!


Yeah, we’ve all heard that saying “offense wins games, but defense wins championships” but really? How are you going to get to said championship without scoring points?! You have to have an arsenal, at least a few weapons, a pea shooter and a pocket knife can only go so far.

Look at a high caliber offensive team: Dallas, (when they want to be) New England, both New York teams can light up the scoreboard, what do they all have in common? High powered offense AND defense! It’s a perfect combination of offense and defense that wins you games and eventually championships. Houston, well, we’ve got a great offense that, when firing on all cylinders, can really put point up.

Matt Shaub, an amazing and smart quarterback can read defenses like a book and can gun the ball deep to any one of our receivers.

Arian Foster, a lighting quick running back, can make quick cuts to get into the gap, and has the ability to bust a big run. I cannot say enough about Arian, but he wouldn’t be where he is without the blocking abilities of Vonta Leach, at this point, it doesn’t seem likely that we’re going to get Vonta back in the Liberty White and Deep Steel Blue; so we have to find a suitable replacement to compliment Arian.

Andre Johnson and our entire receiving core is certainly on par and above compared to other teams; Andre is considered to be the best wide receiver in the NFL and his stats back it up! From selling out and putting his body on the line to catch a ball, be it a touchdown, first down, or  just to gain yards, and playing through an injury and fighting on for his teammates, you can bet that Andre will do it all.

Owen Daniels, you cannot credit this offense without crediting Owen Daniels, he is a scrapper and will fight tooth and nail for every last inch of every yard. He’s a great 3rd and short guy when the defense has us locked down with their coverage. A utility tight end as a few faux coaches on Twitter like to say, and he can battle for this team.

Offensive line: our five men in the trenches might not be the best, but thu get the job done, they can give Matt all the time in the world to make a pas and they open up holes for Arian, Vonta, [insert new full back here], or Steve Slaton when he’s not at wide out.

Nobody can say our offense is lacking, we have an arsenal of weapons willing and waiting to strike, the only question come game time is: how much damage can they do?

They only component that we lack is defense, secondary specifically, Mario, DeMeco, and Brian do a great job in the front seven defensive players, but we need help at safety and corner, which is an article for another time.

– Richard Perez