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Breaking Houston Texans Free Agent Signing News


UPDATE: Nick Scurfields post on is giving Houston Fans hope as it seems to indicate that the Texans are one of three teams left in the race for Nnamdi Asomugha’s services. Get your hopes up Houston just don’t get them up too high because we would hate for someone to fall…which is what we are afraid the end result ultimately will be. We are siding with @spsimonds on this one.

As many a Houston fan knows when it comes to deals during the offseason the Texans tend to keep everything in house. This offseason is no different. With other teams like the Washington Redskins making a splash in free agency as usual, Texans fans sit idly bye and watch in anticipation as top cornerback and safety free agents agree to terms with other teams.

Josh Wilson just recently agreed to terms on a three year deal with the Washington Redskins. Safety Eric Weedle and cornerback Ike Taylor agreed to re-sign with their respected teams from last year and former Philadelphia Eagle safety Quintin Mikell singed with the St. Louis Rams.

As players fall like dominos off the free agent market and the need positions in the Texans defensive secondary go left unattended to up to this point, Texans fans grow more agitated by the minute. Just check out this tweet by Houston Texans fan @spsimonds

Even John McClain of was hoping the Texans made a run at Josh Wilson. Texans fans are anxious. We sit on the edge of our seats waiting to hear even the most brief snippet of the littlest partial incremement of a rumor about one of the top three cornerbacks left on the market agreeing to terms with the Texans. The twitter buzz goes crazy with excitement with the mention of the Texans being in the running for anything of quality left out on the secondary market. We just want something to hang our hats on. All is for naught, however and all is quiet on the free agent front for the Texans as fans sit back and eargerly wait on anything to get excited about on the home front here at Reliant.

But as for now there’s nothing to see, hear or read on the Texans free agent signing front but crickets. So let’s all move just move along and wait for Friday but by then the market could be desolate and the Texans could all dressed up with no where to go.

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