The NFL Lockout is Over: What it Means to This Houston Texans Fan


Every since I can remember the air always seemed to take on a different smell when football season came rolling around. Maybe it was the cooler air blowing in from the north instead of the south due to the change in seasons. Maybe it was just the incoming rainy season that the area went without during the scorching summer of southeast Texas. Maybe it was just all in my head. I do know there was always something different about the time of year that was known as football season.

No matter what the reason, I, you and everyone who is a fan of football have to agree that football season is an amazing time of the year and we would be hard pressed to find someone to argue that unless of course it’s the rest of the world with their own futbol season.

Sorry, world but here in The United States…Football trumps all. Baseball maybe America’s pastime but football is America’s passion.

Football here in the United States is responsible for lively hoods. There are small towns in Texas, just as in other parts of the country as well, that completely shutdown on Friday nights just to watch their local high school team compete with local rivals.

Football season brings out the backyard barbecues in the cooler autumn air. Team flags are put up on garage eves in a tribute to alliances. Everyone donning t-shirts and jerseys to Show team loyalties. Seven A.M. drives to the stadium in preparation to tailgate. Fajita’s whether beef or chicken marinate in refrigerators and coolers. Cold beer occupies custom made team ice chest. Let’s not forget the mixes that line the margarita machines. Big screen LCD’s and projection screens get moved onto porches in backyards in anticipation to watch the weeks primetime match-ups. We can not leave out the fantasy football fanatics. For them it’s all about setting a date for that highly anticipated draft party that takes place only once a year. A grand gather to many.

Wow folks! My mouth waters with thoughts of delicious delicacies and my heart races in anticipation of the great action and nail-biting excitement of football season. The smell in the air will soon be changing for me and the NFL lockout is finally over. So as one of my favorite quotes of all time is iterated, “Time’s up, Let’s do this!”

“This” thing is called football…it’s absolutely amazing and it’s back baby! Go Texans!

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