Texans Bullpen Bulletin: NFL Lockout Update


After major progress was made between the two sides since the owners vote to ratify this past Thursday. Which said vote was responsible for a entire bevy of emotions from the players side. Many which were not the most positive of feelings. The owners have agreed to the players timetable for recertification of the union.

ESPN is reporting the CBA vote by the NFLPA executive committee and the 32 player reps can be expected Monday in order to recommend approval of the current offer by the rest of the players.

Team facilities would likely be opened on Wednesday allowing for players to come in and vote on the CBA and recertification of the union.

The beginning of training camp and free agency would soon follow.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post has a article on some of the finer points of the new CBA.

Two points that that we are intrigued by are the points on the $22M in salary cap benefits that could provide the relief needed for the Texans, already estimated $112.4M 2011 salary cap number, to be able to re-sign some key team un-restricted free agents and the available free agents on the open market.

Another of the points is the 18 game schedule. I for one am all in favor of more meaningful football. Certain jobs have more hazards associated with them than others and football happens to be one of them. With that being said as the current agreement is set up it will allow for the discussion of an enhanced season to be negotiated with the NfLPA once again in 2013. However the NFLPA must be compensated properly for the additional games played and the NFLPA (and only if they agree) must agree to the enhanced season. Otherwise it’s a non-issue and can’t be force feed upon the players for them to devour.

Football is almost back people and we here at Toro Times are ready. We assume you all are as well.

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