Houston Chron.com’s McClain: Texans Can’t Afford Asomugha


Yesterday Houston Chronicle’s John McClain was on Houston’s local Sports Radio 610AM, with Mark Vandermeer and John P. Lopez to discuss all things Houston Texans related.

Frankly fans let’s get straight to brass tacks. The discussion opens up with talk of where the Texans currently stand with their current salary cap numbers and it isn’t pretty folks. The Texans sit right around $113M. That is $7M under the projected $120M 2011 salary cap number and still need to sign this years rookie class.

“As of right now, can the Texans go after Nnamdi Asomugha?” McClain is asked by Vandermeer and Lopez.

McClain says that the Texans can’t afford Asomugha. “There’s no way based on where the Texans’ salary cap is at right now”, McClain adds.

This is quite troubling to hear for both the Team and for fans that were banking on the Houston Texans finally making a big splash in free agency. It’s put right on the money during the interview also with “If your a Houston Texans fan this has to be depressing.” Lopez says, “Basically they can’t go after anyone of note.”

Lopez is exactly right about anyone of note with the Texans current salary cap position. The guys do throw out a hypothetical situation that sounds like the best situation the Texans can hope for. Lopez and Vandermeer suggest signing Gerald Sensabaugh and Dashon Goldson, cornerback from the San Francisco 49ers and move Glover Quin back to corner.

McClain does confirm that as a possibilty or something similar to that situation unless of course one of the rookie cornerbacks emerge in a big way with the new defensive coaching the Texans management has brought in.

Let’s hope something works. Maybe we can look for General Manager Rick Smith and his band of bookkeepers to, make like- Harry Potter- one of the summers hottest movies, wave a magic wand and magically make some cap space appear.

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