Pro Football Focus Tackles the Houston Texans Free Agency Needs


The boys over at have been doing a division by division run down on free agency needs per team per division.

Today two of their trusted analysts tackled two views on free agency in the AFC South and more importantly the needs of the Houston Texans as they see them.

The two tango using a touch of quick witted humor along with the logic that comes with staring at stats all day. Both analysts feed us on where exactly the Texans stand in the division and each teams most pressing needs in free agenc. Below is the full monty on Sam Monson’s and Khaled Elsayed’s take of the Houston Texans needs in free agency.

Houston Texans
Which player do they need to resign?

Sam: Clearly, they’d be lost at sea without Matt Leinart! Well OK, maybe not. As much as you get the feeling that he’s underachieving, I think they lose a lot without the playmaking skills of Jacoby Jones.
Khaled: Though he wasn’t great last year, if they don’t want to spend at the position, Bernard Pollard can be a decent in-the-box safety. Essentially, the Texans aren’t in a scary position, and could move on from all their free agents.

What area is the team’s biggest need to upgrade?

Sam: With a move to a 3-4 this season you could make a pretty compelling argument for most positions on the D, but the bottom line is the front seven doesn’t matter if they can’t stop people from  burning them deep.
Khaled: Cornerback. If you watched them last year you’d accept there’s no need to explain that answer.
How do they upgrade that area?

Sam: Am I crazy or would a heady, dependable and complete safety like Eric Weddle make perfect sense for the Texans? He would not only upgrade the safety position but bring the kind of veteran leadership that could make their young secondary players better around him.

Khaled: Johnathan Joseph seems like a good fit for the Texans and they’re a good fit for him. He’d no longer be in the shadow of Leon Hall, and Houston would get a guy with top talent. Nice scheme fit with how Phillips likes to use his cornerbacks.

While the insight isn’t exactly ground breaking it does provide a reaffirmation of needs that are quite obvious to everyone who is a Houston Texans fans. It also allows us a break in the monotonous NFL Lockout rhetoric.

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