Houston Texans estimated salary cap.<..."/> Houston Texans estimated salary cap.<..."/>

Toro Times Have Texans 2011 Salary Cap Figure Around $105M


 Update: Thes newest Houston Texans estimated salary cap.
UPDATE:After running through the Houston Texans roster and doing our own rough calculations we are coming up with a $102M salary cap number. With only Jason Allen being unaccounted for due to the inability to find his cap number on the year.

For argument sake let’s put the former first round pick at $2.5M which would bring the Texans cap number up in the neighborhood of $105M.

One thing of note is that if the Houston Texans have any dead money we do not know that total and therefore have not accounted for it. So if anyone has that info please get it to us.

By no means are we capologists here at the Times and are not claiming to be but we can break down all the numbers and how we got them if anyone is interested. Just drop us a comment or hit us up on twitter @ToroTimes

As progress is being made to end the NFL lockout and a new collective bargaining agreement is close to being agreed upon. Here is a look at 2011 salary cap figures, the Houston Texans sit around $118.4 million.

Andrew Brandt reported a one time, one player $3M exception only usable for the 2011 season will be granted. Basically allowing a team to spend $123M only for the 2011 season. There could also be other credits that teams could receive but the minute details will not be available until the new CBA is signed.

As it stands right now Texans Jacoby Jones, Vonta Leach, Zac Diles, Tim Bulman, Kasey Studdard, Matt Leinhart, Mark Anderson, and Rashad Butler would all be unrestricted free agents.

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