Texans’ Rookie J.J. Watt Steps-Up in a Big Way Off the Field


Twenty-Five NFL players have been arrested during this locked out offseason. Some players in the case of Tennessee Titans Kenny Britt have been arrested multiple times and just as Britt’s arrest has grabbed headlines many of the other players arrested have garnered media attention both on a national and local level also.

Very rarely are we equally immersed into the headlines of the feel good stories performed by those we are enamored by and follow so closely. Unsure if it can all be attributed to the duality of mankind that peeks curiousity every time a superstar is shone in a negative light. But one we can be sure on and that being, there are no days in which great deeds are done in them that are more beloved by the masses. We merely need to put forth as much an effort to publicize the great deeds done as we so eagerly do when jumping at the chance to publicize the not so great.

In a shift from those very negative headlines to a proof positive headline, the Houston Texans 11th overall pick J.J. Watt has already made an everlasting impact among the Houston community in his very brief time here in the Bayou City and it all stemmed from a simple tweet on the social networking platform known as Twitter.

Nine-year-old Peter, who was paralyzed in a July 2 car accident that killed his parents, Robin and Joshua Berry, and injured his two younger siblings, wanted to leap out of his hospital bed in excitement when the 6-foot-6 Watt walked into the room, bearing autographed Texans’ T-shirts, hats and footballs for all three kids.

All from a tweet

Watt’s visit to the Berrys came about through a Twitter request.

Houstonian Zach Adelstein, 24, was reading about the tragedy online earlier in the week. He linked a Facebook story to Twitter, sent it to different Texans and Houston Rockets players that he follows and asked that it be re-tweeted.

“J. J. wrote back within a minute to say he wanted to visit the kids up at the hospital,” Adelstein told the JH-V on July 14. “He seems like a great guy.”

They direct messaged each other and Adelstein arranged the visit through Berry family close friend Tandy Harris.

“Zack asked me to re-tweet the link and I read the story and was absolutely touched – for the kids to lose their parents like that, but then still have the courage to be strong in spirit and fight for their recovery, it’s inspiring,” Watt told the JH-V during the hospital visit.

“To be able to come up here and see the kids and be able to put smiles on their faces in such a touch situation, it’s really meaningful. I figured it’s just something I can do to help these kids out,” he said.

There’s little doubt in our minds that J.J. Watt’s big play on th field reflects his big play off the field.

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