Houston Texans’ Jones & Walter, the Best 2nd Wideouts a Team Can Have


As we wrote earlier in the month on exactly why the Houston Texans wouldn’t persue a wide receiver in free agency. We happened to name weapons such as Arian Foster out of the backfield, Owen Daniels’ last month of the season performance along with Jacoby Jones’ and Kevin Walter’s combine numbers for the 2010 season.

These factors, along with an odds on favorite for a shortened training camp and free agency period, seem to point in a direction that would indicate the Houston Texans making their own free agents top priority. Top priority in order to sustain the stability that will be needed to survive such an inelegant offseason.

All of the issues concerning the teams current roster and the reasoning behind the Texans not pursuing a second wide receiver seem to becoming to light.

In a recent article via Profootballtalk.com the number two wide receiver is a topic of conversation in which Gary Kubiak sounds content with his wideouts.

In an interview with Nick Scurfield of HoustonTexans.com regarding Jacoby Jones as being a free agency question mark Coach Kubiak had this to say, “I would tell the people that ask that question that if you put Jacoby and Kevin Walter’s numbers together last year, they add up to about 102 catches and 1,200 yards, and that would be the best number two receiver in football,” Kubiak said. “I like our two players. I think they’re both damned good players.”

It would seem at this point that there will be a heightened priority on the Houston Texans resigning their own free agents and all other positions playing second fiddle.

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