Who’s the 2011 Houston Texans Breakout Player of the Year?


With NFL offenses in todays era of football running three and four wide receiver packages more than 50% of total offensive snaps along with Brian Cushing being regarded by many as needing to have a bounce back year.

And although we think on offense, assuming Jacoby Jones bolts via free agency, that Dorin Dickerson will be asked to step up and very well could do just that. However offense isn’t the point of this post.

Brian Cushing’s sacks, tackles and interceptions all fell out of place last season after being suspended for the first four games of the year. Cushing even looked over matched and out of place at times while filling in for an injured Demeco Ryans at middle linebacker.

While Cushing was average at best last season after his return the Houston Texans defense couldn’t be classfied as even average last year. If they would have been even close to an average defense they may have very well made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history but they didnt and the defense wasn’t.

In comes Wade Phillips to fix that which is broken. Last season the Houston Texans ranked 30th in team defense and 32nd against the pass, surrendering 24 or more points in 14 of their 16 games and the Texans’ secondary ranking 18th in the NFL. If that doesn’t get you on board with us here at Toro Times about the Houston Texans defense as a unit needing to breakout this season then nothing will.

2nd year defensive back Kareem Jackson who was thrown in last year against most teams number one receivers and asked to do his best more times than not was left wondering what had just happened.

So while some may argue that the defensive breakout player needs to be Brian Cushing and others may say Kareem Jackson there will be others who can make the case for Connor Barwin who is returning from a season ending ankle injury.

We here at the Times believe the defense as a unit needs to be the Houston Texans breakout player of the year.

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