Houston Texans Two-Step: Dorin Dickerson Sooner Rather Than Later


With CBA talks currently resuming in an undisclosed location somewhere in or around Boston it seems that a general consensus is forming on when the NFL Lockout will end. Most are predicting mid July. That is just in time to get training camps going right on time.

Once an agreement is in place it will open the door for the free-agent frenzy to get under way. The freny could end up being more entertaining than the first few games of the season if a delay in the season were to happen due to a non-agreement.

Many points have been leaked to the media regarding some important details concerning what the owners and players currently have negotiated and that are on the table with a fine tuning still to be done.

One little tidbit of news to come out of Tuesday’s ownership meeting in Chicago was, along with a 16-game Thursday night TV package players will be eligeble after four years for free agency.

The biggest affect this could potentially have on the Houston Texans is that this will open up the door for swing tackle Rashad Butler and wide receiver Jacoby Jones to test the market. Rashad Butler filled in last year for suspended left tackle Duane Brown. It is very liekly that some team will throw starter money in Butler’s direction and Jacoby Jones could receive offers from teams that are desperate for a viable number two receiving option.

The Texans would hate to see the an investment of time like Jones walk away from Houston but after recently re-signing Kevin Walter to a 5 year deal it isn’t likely the Texans would be willing to match a substantial offer if it’s thrown Jacoby Jones’ way.

If Jacoby Jones was to leave via free agency then this would undoubtedly open the door up for 2nd year player Dorin Dickerson. Both the Texans and fans alike are excited about the development of Dickerson. The 6′ 3″ 230 pound wide receiver only played 23 snaps last year but has flashed some definite potential as you can see from the video.

Although we had Dickerson pegged to break out next year in his 3rd full season with the Texans, if in fact he was going to do so. Dickerson possibly could come close to replacing Jacoby Jones’s 51 catches and 3 touchdowns from a season ago.

If there was ever a time for Dorin Dickerson to shine it would seem to becoming sooner rather than later. Let’s just hope Dickerson has been working as hard as any one in preparation for his shot once it comes. Dickerson’s time could be sooner rather than later.

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