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Houston Texans Offseason To Do List


From the perspective of an outsider looking in here is Joshua Lobdell’s, of The Inquisitr, look at the Houston Texans Offseason To Do List. 

Lobdell touches on some solid points but nothing most of the Houston fan base doesn’t already agree with but a take from outside the box is sometimes refreshing.

Although the Matt Leinart decision doesn’t seem to be much of a decision to be made at all. There is no question that many a Texans fanatics believe the team need to address the wide receiver situation opposite Andre Johnson regardless of whether or not a healthy Owen Daniels provides the team with nice slot receiver capabilities.

Lobdell goes on to mention that tight end Owen Daniels needs a new deal. Hate to break it to Joshua Lobdell but Daniels signed a new deal on the eve of the current NFL lockout. A new deal to the tune of four years twenty-two million dollars in which six million is a guarantee and fourteen of the deal comes in the first two years.

Owen Daniels averaged six catches for sixty-eight yards in the last month of the 2010 season. Let’s hope Daniels can stay healthy through 2011 and put up similar receiving numbers.

I would add to Lobdell’s list that addressing the swing tackle position is a necessity with Rashard Butler likely headed for free agency and doing something at strong safety as well unless the organization does plan on letting rookie Shiloh Keo give it a shot. If training camps don’t get going on time this year we don’t think that’s going to happen.

So check out Lobdell’s to do list and see if you agree. Also be sure to find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @ToroTimes