NFL Lockout Questions & Answers


While we here at Toro Times have been doing our part on trying to keep up with the much maligned mess known as the current NFL Lockout. We unfortunately can’t claim to have all the answers no matter how astute and bright we like to think that we are.

It seems every questioned answered only begats another question of more complexity. So upon reading some questions thrown our way I would love to point you into a direction that we found most helpful ourselves.

Texanschick Stephanie Stradley who blogs about football and the Houston Texans via the Houston Chornicle answers many a NFL Lockout questions in her blog, You have questions about the NFL lockout? I’ve got answers.

Now no one knows if the secret meetings between the league and the negotiating committee for the NFLPA* will pay off in time to avoid the proposed plans for a season as short as 8 games or not but one thing is for certain. And that being that Stephanie Stradley konws what shes blogging about. Toro Times even follows Stephanie on twitter just to keep up with the insight she tends to offer toward all things football and Houston Texans related. It may do some readers good to check out her answers to  a few of the NFL Lockout questions that have been thrown her way. 

Between the insightful minds at SiriusXM NFL Radio and Stephanie Stradley we here at Toro Times have been able to sift through enough lawyer and courtroom jargon to make Rusty Hardin’s head explode. So in an attempt to keep Texans fanatic heads from exploding as well click on the above link to Stephanie’s post and get caught up on the current lockout situation.

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