NFL Players Likely On the Move Once the Lockout is Lifted


Once the tug-o-war between owners and players known as the NFL Lockout is lifted and it may vary well be the eleventh hour before it is lifted. There will be a number of prominent and not just yet prominent, but seem destined to be, players on the move.

Beginning with the home team. The Houston Texans will be looking to address the Safety position in free agency but more of a priority could be gaining a weapon opposite of Andre Johnson. What better player than Santana Moss? Moss and Johnson were both teammates at the “U”. Moss is coming off one of the beat seasons of his career. Santana Moss will be turning 32 this year so he won’t command quite as much money as one would think after having a year like Moss just had statistically. This could be a wise investment for the Texans. If Houston can’t get a deal done with Santana Moss then look for Oakland to possibly make a play for a veteran wideout like Moss. A vet like Moss could come in and inject some knowledge and leadership into the young receiving core of the Raiders.

Nnamdi Asomugha will command a nice contract wherever Asomugha ends up. With none of the NFC East teams addressing their need at cornerback, during the draft, other than the New York Football Giants. Two of the leagues biggest spenders own teams in the NFC East. Although Houston, Detroit and Tampa Bay could be in the mix early for Asomugha’s services, look for him to go to the highest bidder in the NFC East. Unless of course the Houston Texans decide to overspend and that may be just what it takes in order to get Asomugha into a Houston Texans uniform.

Kyle Orton is rumored to possibly be on the trading block in Denver. With Tim Tebow looking more and more like the heir apparent in Denver, the Broncos trade Kyle Orton the first chance they get but will hold onto him if the offer isn’t at least a 2nd round pick or better. The Mortreport recently tweeted that Orton is on the Vikings radar. Look for Kyle Orton to end up in Minnesota even though, 1st round pick, Christian Ponder has said and done all the right things since arriving in Minnesota.

Vince Young recently was in Houston working out Vikings RB, Adrian Peterson but don’t count on the Vikings pursuing Young. As I mentioned above the Vikings will probably pursue Kyle Orton all but eliminating the need for VY in the twin cities. After a turmoltous career in Tennessee, look for VY’s next gig to be that of a back-up role somewhere in the league. Matt Leinart is still on an NFL roster you can bet that Vince Young will be also. Landing as an Eagle could be a nice place to revive Young’s career when Michael Vick misses the two to three games that Vick’s style of play will lead him to miss.

Speaking of the Philadelphia Eagles and back-up roles. Kevin Kolb, Philly’s current back-up to Michael Vick, will be in high demand as free agency opens up and the lockout is lifted. Kolb could also command the most in return trade value for the Eagles. Amongst NFL know-it-alls it’s the consensus that Kolb ends up in either Arizona or Seattle. Both teams had chances to draft QBs in this years draft but chose not to address the situation at that time. Rumors are that Arizona has eyed Kolb all along and could be the most likely destination. Now whether your a Cardinals fan or a Seahawks fan when laying your money down, the NFC West is the safest bet on Kolbs next place of employment.

Kevin Kolb’s former teammate, Donavon McNabb, virtually has no chance of remaining in The nations capitol. The question is what team will McNabb wear or not wear a wristband for this upcoming season? At McNabb’s age and after last years headlines regarding his conditioning during the two-minute drill there’s not exactly a huge market for Donavon McNabb. Don’t rule out Miami or the Oakland Raiders if the Raiders can’t pry Carson Palmer away from Mike Brown and the Bengals. If The Vikings miss out on Kyle Orton then McNabb’s name could be bounced around again in the twin cities.

Plaxico Burress, who will be released next month from prison, will get a chance to play again in the NFL. Burress’ most likely spot for a freash start could be the St. Louis Rams. If the New York Jets do not resign Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes. Then look for the Jets to get what was once a top talent at wide receiver for a bargain basement price. Although Burress was a big part of the New York Giants super bowl run. It’s not likely Plaxico Burress resigns with the Giants due to their depth at the wide receiver position.

Brian Hoyer, the not so household name that could be the next household name to emerge from the New England Patriots quarterbacking ranks. Hoyer could be moved this year to a team willing to pay a third or fourth round pick for a potential starting QB. After this year Hoyer could be a free-agent. Bill, the hoodie, Belichick is not likely to let Hoyer out of town without getting some kind of compensation in return. The NFL draft master manipulator could get another pick in next years draft if Brian Hoyer gets interest from a team like the Washington Redskins. Once Donavon McNabb is out in Washington, John Beck will need some competition to keep him sharp and the Redskins will need a “Plan B”. If not in Washington look for Hoyer to possibly land on a team that missed out on the quarterbacking carousel.

While all this is merely speculation and for entertainment purposes as well. We work hard at analyzing team data and needs in order to come to logical conclusions on team free agency directions. We do this all for you the reader. At a time when there is very little football to talk about we here at Toro Times like to keep it rolling year around. Hope you enjoy.

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