Houston Texans Two-Step


In today’s edition of the Houston Texans Two-Step. Let’s take a look at a subject that isn’t entirely related to the Houston Texans per say. But it is Texas and all Texans related. Texans, both born and transplanted, have another reason to be proud of their great state!

Texas lawmakers on Wednesday gave final approval to a crackdown on unethical sports agents that could lead to long prison terms. You can read the brief write up done on the subject mater over at our sister site NFLmocks.com by clicking the link above. This has a huge affect on the young athletes of today and once again Texas is trailblazing a path for other states to follow. Let’s hope it helps.

Point two of today’s Houston Texan Two-Step is Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers has been linked to the Houston Texans without exactly being linked. Profootballweekly.com recently ran an article where the Panthers’ Smith addresses trade talk, future in Carolina.

“The teams that have been linked to me as being ones I have interest in going to” — most notably the Chargers, Ravens and Texans — “I think any professional would be interested in playing for a team that is interested in having them, especially those that have the potential to give you a chance to win a championship. That also plays into Carolina, as well,” Smith said.

Now it should be noted that the excerpt from the statements concerning the Texans is not in quotations. This makes it safe to assume that part of the statement was said by someone other than Steve Smith. However if the Texans were to be in the running for Smith’s services if the Panthers do decide to trade him what would be reasonable compensation?

Last year Randy Moss was traded to the Vikings for a 3rd round pick and the year before that Brandon Marshall was traded to the Dolphins for two 2nd round picks. Now Steve Smith will be turning 32 soon so it’s unlikely that he would command anything near what Brandon Marshall did. And with more and more teams giving up less and less to take a chance on a wide receiver that may or may not pan out. Would it be worth it to the Texans and their fan base to give up at the most a 3rd round pick for the services of Steve Smith for the length of his remaining contract.

Fanatics, let us know what you think about the subject.

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