Houston Texans Mario Williams Makes NFL Networks Top 100 of 2011


The NFL Network’s segment of the top 100 players of 2011 is ongoing now on NFL Network. And this past Sunday night the NFL continued their series of The Top 100 Players of  2011, as voted by the players themselves. Players 80-71 were revealed, a 10-part series airing on NFL Network with a list determined by the votes of active players. The series is aired at 8 PM EST for those that maybe interested in catching it the next time it is aired.

While there were no Houston Texans that made the first two installments, numbers 81-100, there was a nice surprise for Texans fans during this last Sundays segment. Houston Texans outside linebacker Mario Williams checked in at # 71 on the NFL Network’s Top 100 player rankings. The list is pretty interesting, as Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen is ranked 80th, and Super Mario checks in a spot ahead of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (72). This list for players 80-71 is as follows:

#80 Jared Allen, DE, Vikings
#79 D’Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Jets
#78 Dallas Clark, TE, Colts
#77 Chris Snee, OG, Giants
#76 Santonio Holmes, WR, Steelers
#75 Jay Ratliff, NT, Cowboys
#74 Greg Jennings, WR, Packers
#73 Trent Cole, DE, Eagles
#72 Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys
#71 Mario Williams, DE, TexansYou have to figure that WR Andre Johnson is the top Texans player on the list, and 2010 NFL rushing champ Arian Foster is likely on it as well. Let’s not count out Matt Schaub off this list either. Odds are Andre Johnson has to be in the top five of the NFL Networks list being that he is the best wide receiver in the game at this current time.

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