Houston Texans Two-Step


A lot of fans couldn’t understand why the Texans didn’t draft a road-grader at nose tackle. Well, that’s not what Phillips wants. It’s a one-gap 3-4, closer to a 4-3 than a traditional 3-4, and he wants his players to penetrate. Phillips didnt have that road grader in Dallas when he took a seventh round pick in Jay Ratliff and helped him to become a pro bowl defensive tackle. Phillips has also went on record as saying that he (Phillips) is happy with last years play of nose tackles Earl Mitchell and Shaun Cody.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. McClain has talked with Super Mario and he’s excited about the move to weakside linebacker. And why wouldn’t he be? His job is to get the quarterback in a contract year, and nothing brings the big bucks more than sacks, right? Mario Williams maybe asked to drop into coverage five to seven percent of the time. This is everyone’s major concern with the move. But it will be rookie outside strongside linebacker Brooks Reed who will actually be asked to drop into coverage more than Super Mario will so this shouldn’t be a problem. With Williams inpending move the Texans have said they will ask Williams to get down to about 265lbs. which more times than not also comes with a loss of some power when shedding weight like that.

Now the Texans didn’t exactly draft according to most fans opinion of glaring need with the first two picks in this years draft but the first two draft picks (defensive end J.J. Watt and outside linebacker Brooks Reed), should make the Texans better. It will be interesting how Phillips new defense looks in battle red but if history has proven anything about Phillips’ coaching and that is no matter how cupcake or player friendly his style is, it will more than likely land the Texans defense in the top half of defenses in the league. Let’s just hope that its sooner rather than later.

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