Firing Kubiak Will Not Benefit the Texans – Frank Bush Gone?


There are a lot of Texans fans up in arms about the loss to the Jets. The biggest call by the fans is for the firing of head coach Gary Kubiak. I think that would be a completely ridiculous suggestion in the middle of the season. Let me explain.

If the Texans were to fire Kubiak, who would replace him? Maybe Bill Kollar, Rick Dennison, of perhaps even Ray Rhodes? Well after you just vomited, it’s very easy to assume that no coach currently on the Texans staff will be the future head coach of the Houston Texans.

If the Texans were to fire Kubiak right now, it would be because management believed that there was a coach on staff that could potentially be the long term option to fill the position. That won’t be the case, so Kubiak’s job should be safe for the rest of the season.

Also note that the Texans will also not cut Kubiak free due to his contract. Even if there was a potential coach in waiting, I would still be hesitant to think that the Texans would let Kubiak go. Kubiak’s contract extension in the offseason is now looking like a bad move, and it will also likely protect Kubiak through the offseason.

The only firing I can clearly see benefiting the Texans at this point would be that of the defensive coordinator Frank Bush. The level at which the Texans defense is completely inexcusable. Whether the issue is execution or discipline, a lot of the blame should rightfully come down on Bush.

If Bush were to be fired, I would suggest that Senior Defensive Assistant Ray Rhodes should be the intern defensive coordinator. He’s had experience in higher coaching positions in the past, but health issues held him back. If he were up to it, with an included health insurance bonus package to compensate for the countless ensuing strokes and heard attacks, then it could end up helping the Texans for the rest of this season and potentially long term.

The Texans didn’t fire former defensive coordinator Richard Smith in the middle of the season when the Texans had a poor defense in 2008. But this time around, Bush is the defensive coordinator of a historically horrid defense. This situation puts a lot more pressure on Bush, and a move could be possible before the season’s end.