Before the Game – Texans at Jets


The Texans travel to the new Giants Stadium to face off against the Jets.

Sunday November 21, 2010 – 12:00pm CST – TV broadcast on CBS – Comcast 11 (Houston)

What to Watch –

  • The Texans offense vs the Jets defense. The Texans couldn’t move the ball effectively against the Jets last year. Can they now?
  • Andre Johnson vs Darrell Revis. Last season, Revis held Johnson to 35 yards on 4 receptions. Can the Texans find a better way to use Johnson?
  • Arian Foster. Foster was on the practice squad when the Texans played the Jets last year. With Foster now in the mix, things could be different.
  • The Texans pass rush vs Mark Sanchez. The Texans haven’t been getting enough pressure on opposing QB’s, and Sanchez will make you pay if you don’t.

Position Comparisons –




The Game –

The first and most obvious issue for the Texans is defense. With Ladainian Tomlinson on a resurgent season, the Texans will have to worry about more than just their pass defense. The Texans may be ranked 15th in run defense, but that’s mainly due to opponents being able to beat the Texans by passing the ball.

On offense, the Texans will need to figure out a way to get first downs and avoid turnovers. The middle of the Jets defense is a bit more soft than most people might think with defensive tackle Kris Jenkins being out. If the Texans can establish a run up the middle, it might serve as the only reliable form of production on offense all day.

For the Jets, they’ll probably mix up the offense to keep the Texans defense honest. I don’t see a lot of big plays being made on offense, but the Texans will again struggle to get the offense off the field. So I see the Jets holding onto the ball for a good portion of the game.

The Jets will be one of the most talented teams the Texans will face all season, and it will probably lead to a Texans loss. The Jets know how to win consistently, and even though the Texans are due for a win, if will be difficult to do so in New York.

Texans lose 27-17