Continuous Mistakes Hands Texans a Loss


Not even a list can carry the amount of mistakes the Texans made against the Jaguars in a 31-24 loss on Sunday. Bad snaps, blown coverages, miss tackles, penalties, and more. But wait, there’s more! More mistakes, and you wouldn’t believe it unless you watched it.

Both teams came out passing the ball, which was very odd. The Jaguars learned early and switched to running the ball and got a lot of success out of it. The Texans didn’t and they continued to pass the ball even though they weren’t getting anything out of it. They went into halftime down 17-3.

The Texans made great adjustments on offense at the half, executing a drive where Andre Johnson had over 80 receiving yards. The defense was still making tons of mistakes all over.

Fast forward, the Texans have a chance to win the game with 22 seconds left on the clock near mid-field. When the Texans are one good pass from field goal range, they have a false start. The Jags get the ball back after a fumble.

Then on a Hail Mary, the Jaguars get a reception off a tipped ball for a TD on the last play of the game. I just saw it as I’m typing this, so that’s all guys. Fire some coaches, do something. It needs to be fixed.