Q&A’s With RiggosRag.com’s Ryan Estorninos


Before the Texans face off against the Redskins Sunday afternoon, I had to opportunity to have a conversation with RingosRag.com’s Ryan Estorninos. He offered some insight into this matchup from the Redskins perspective along with other things.

Here’s a link to the questions he asked me along with my responses.

Here’s the interview:

After the Redskins beat the Cowboys on Sunday night, a lot of people were saying the Cowboys lost the game for themselves instead of the Redskins legitimately winning it. What’s your take on this?

"Well the Redskins may not have done enough to win on most circumstances, but they did more when it counted and took advantage of more opportunities than the Cowboys.Also, the Cowboys in my opinion are far superior in talent that the Redskins at this point, but they have an inferior coaching staff.  By Far.  Good coaching staffs prepare teams to play hard for 60 minutes.  Bad coaching staffs abandon a running game that was averaging 5 yards a carry and calling plays that should have been a kneel down."

After a slow start of offense last week, what do the Redskins have to do on offense this week to be productive against this stout Texans defense?

"Yes I think that each time NFC East teams play, it will almost always be a defensive struggle.  I think the Redskins will try to employ their offense a bit more this week and put the Texan’s secondary that gave up 400+ yards to Peyton Manning.  The Redskin run game may hit a wall with the Texans, so the air may be the best route."

What is the general opinion of Redskins fans on Albert Haynesworth and his role with the team? What’s your opinion on the matter? What do you think his role will be against the Texans on Sunday?

"Just like last week, he will have limited snaps unless he proves he can contribute.  The Redskins shut out the Cowboys offense last year, save for a bad punt that gave them great field position, but nonetheless held them to seven points for the game. If Haynesworth can get in the mix, then he will play.If he doesn’t, the fans like the players have bought into what Mike Shanahan is preaching, and the city and fans will be on his side."

What do you think the Redskins plan on doing to slow down the Texans run game? How do you think the Redskins defense will cover Andre Johnson?

"The Texans run game will be difficult to defend.  The Cowboys could have had their way with the run game, but they chose not to for some reason.  Stopping the run will be key.  I expect Laron Landry to play close to the line of scrimmage a lot and look to be Arian Foster’s shadow for the game.  Landry led the team and league with tackles last year as he is truly benefiting from this new scheme.As for the passing game, they will do a mix and match of zone and man.  The secondary is poised to give up some yards, but with the pressure created turnovers could become key.  If Schaub is hurried and pressured, he could be throwing  his second pick this week.If the Redskins are to win this game, they must win the turnover batter."

What’s your prediction for this game?

"I am not totally convinced on the Texans yet for this season, however I do think they are much improved and will no longer be cellar dwellers in the AFC South.  I think at this point they are a better team than the Redskins.  I do not see the Texans winning this by a large margin, but I do see them winning, 27-20."

Thanks Ryan, and I wish you and your Redskins luck for the rest of the season.