Dissecting the Texans Away Schedule


Of course we all know the Texans have the first toughest schedule for the 2010 NFL season. With the amount of worsts to firsts and in vice versa, anything could give way to help the Texans this season.  I want to take a look specifically at the away schedule though.  It will be in order by week and I will also give a short breakdown of each game.  Let us begin…

Week 2: Washington Redskins– Washington found a grove late last season but has made a significant amount of changes. Jason Campbell was traded to Oakland, acquired Donovan “McNabbed”, and upgraded the offensive line. The Redskins are going to make a push for the playoffs but, the NFC East is just to good right now.

Week 4: Oakland Raiders– The Raiders upgraded slightly during the off-season. Not enough though to do anything greater than last season. Darrius Heyward-Bey will have to improve as a first round pick and,  Jason Campbell will have to stay off of the ground. Their new defensive pick will have to anchor enough to keep the other team from outscoring them.

Week 8: Indianapolis Colts– Obviously this will be the hardest game for the Texans to pull through on during the season. The Colts have not down-graded during the last few seasons. Their defensive line is not built for stopping the run. It might hurt them in division play too. The Texans will have to capitalize on this weakness if they want a chance for the division title.

Week 10: Jacksonville Jaguars– The Jaguars have made some questionable moves this off-season. Tyson Alualu will have to prove that he was worth the number 10 pick. The Jaguars needed to upgrade the defensive line, and they did. Taking 5 defensive lineman in the draft. Will all of the youth of the team though be able to handle it this season?

Week 11: New York Jets– The Texans lost the the jets in week 1 last season in what could be considered the only definite loss. The Jets have a great defense but I think people over-rate them to much. Something to keep an eye on is the passing attack which has not been upgraded by any means. Also, the run game was severed by the ridding of Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, and Alan Faneca. Signing Ladainian Tomlinson helped add some veterancy to the running backs.

Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles– Philadelphia traded Donovan McNabb in what could be the biggest move this season. Until Favre retires of course. They cut Brian Westbrook as well, but signed Marlin Jackson to help the pass defense. Brandon Graham will help the pass rush. The big question mark though is Kevin Kolb and how he will be able to play.

Week 15: Tennessee Titans– The Titans-Texans game has been a great rivalry the past few years. This year will be no different as each team has a counter for each other. Chris Johnson will have to settle his contract dispute if the Titans want any chance of the playoffs. Especially after Lendale White was traded.

Week 16: Denver Broncos– The similarities between the two teams of astounding. From playing styles, coaching, and skill. The Texans have the edge in quarterback but the Broncos have something the Texans do not. A shutdown corner, which might just be enough to make them a wild-card team. In my opinion, this game will decide who plays in the post-season and not.

That is all for the away game breakdowns. Make sure to come back next week for a breakdown of the home games. Any question? Feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer.