Take Two: Top 10 Contributing Wide Recievers


I decided to write a follow up article on the Top 10 Wide Receivers in the NFL with my own list. Be for-warned though, there might be a few surprises on the list. However, rest assured, it will be fair. With that being said, I decided to make the Top 10 list on order of contribution week in and out to their respective clubs, not necessarily based on stats or their behavior off the field. So without further ado, my list for the Top 10 Receivers for the 2010 season:

Larry Fitzgerald(Cardinals)

– With Anquan Boldin’s recent departure during this off-season. Larry Fitzgerald is expected to carry all of the work load with his new QB.

Andre Johnson(Texans)

– Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson were clicking on all cylinders during the 2009 campaign, especially after Owen Daniels injury in week 8. The only reason he is not number 1 is because the Texans will have considerably more options next season.

  • Wes Welker(Patriots)- Welker was a great slot receiver and over-the-middle threat for Brady last season. Also pointed out before was the devastating injury in week 17 against the Texans. Edelman was a suitable replacement but is not as consistent. If Welker recovers fully, expect great things.
  • Reggie Wayne(Colts)– While he was not as dominate as past years, he forced double-coverage a lot which is a hassle for most teams. I expect with the return of Anthony Gonzales, Wayne gets a lot more chances to do what he does best.
  • DeSean Jackson(Eagles)– While not as prominent as other names in the league, he was definitely the most electric player for the Eagles. With numerous plays over 60 yards or more, it’s hard not to be impressed.
  • Brandon Marshall(Dolphins)– Marshall the primary target for Orton and the Broncos last season. The argument could be made that he almost made the offense himself. The reason he is not high on the list is because Denver traded him, and then picked up Demaryius Thomas. Does that lead me to believe that the Broncos feel they did not need him to win? We shall see.
  • Calvin Johnson(Lions)– Calvin Johnson was on a struggling offense to say the least, and still managed to put almost a 1000 yards. With the Lions also only picking up 1 other possible WR. It looks like there is no reason to believe his performance will dip.
  • Anquan Boldin(Ravens)– The Ravens receiving corp gets a huge boost from this one acquisition. Now Flacco will now have a true number 1 target. Boldin’s play could get him consideration for one of the best WR in the game.
  • Randy Moss(Patriots)– Moss is no stranger to the end zone or spectacular catches in his fair share of playing time. He is a threat to go deep almost every time he runs down field. Adding yet another dimension the an aging Patriots team. This could be one of his final years in the league.
  • Percy Harvin(Vikings)- Harvin was given a fantastic opportunity in 2009 with a chance to compete deep in the playoff. They did so, and Harvin was a major threat not only in the passing game but the run game as well, Getting hand-offs on sweep plays and receiving on screen passes. And with Brett Favre there, can not forget about him.