1. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB - O..."/>

1. St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, QB - O..."/>

2010 Mock Draft: Last Minute Predictions


1. St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford, QB – Oklahoma

  • The Rams need a face of the franchise and SB seems to fit the bill. Five years from now they will regret passing on Ndamukong Suh.

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2. Detroit Lions – Ndamukong Suh, DT – Nebraska

  • The most dominant college football player in years is impossible to pass up on (unless your the Rams). While the Lions have a plethora of needs to address, Suh will be a perennial Pro-Bowler for years.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy, DT – Oklahoma

  • The Bucs may look to trade down from this spot but if they end up taking G-Mac, they won’t regret it. They have missed having a dominant defensive line and McCoy will help the retooling process.

4. Washington Redskins – Russell Okung, OT – Oklahoma State

  • While they’ll take a long hard look at the more athletic Trent Williams, Okung is more polished and can help protect McNabb from Day 1.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Eric Berry, FS – Tennessee

  • If Ed Reed was on the board, would you pass on him? Berry is my second highest rated prospect and has the skills to be an elite defensive player.

6. Seattle Seahawks – Trent Williams, OT – Oklahoma

  • The third Sooner taken in the Top 6 should fill a much needed void in their pass protection. Will he fit Alex Gibbs zone blocking scheme though?

7. Cleveland Browns – Kyle Wilson, CB – Rutgers

  • Apparently they’ve keyed in on Colt McCoy in the second round so they’ll address a big need by taking what most consider the second best CB in the draft. Joe Haden falls…

8. Oakland Raiders – Anthony Davis, OT – Rutgers

  • Al Davis actually makes the first sensible pick in a while. Problem is your QB weighs more than some of O-Linemen. I’ll bet the farm on the Raiders making a trade this weekend.

9. Buffalo Bills – Bryan Bulaga, OT – Iowa

  • This team could go in any direction: OT, DT, WR, QB, RB. Trading down or taking Dan Williams are also feasible options but they understand that everything starts up front.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE – South Florida

  • At 6’5, 270 lbs and a 4.6 forty, JPP is one of the premiere athletes in the draft. High risk, high reward player. Pierre-Paul could be a double digit sack guy or Quentin Groves 2.o

11. Denver Broncos – Rolando McClain, LB – Alabama

  • With the loss of Brandon Marshall, the Broncos might take a hard look at Dez Bryant (but the diva attitude might turn them off from him). Pairing McClain with Dumervil could be a lethal duo.

12. Miami Dolphins – Dan Williams, DT – Tennessee

  • Biggest need= DT. Best DT = Dan Williams. A match made in heaven.

13. San Francisco 49ers – Joe Haden, CB – Florida

  • The best CB in the draft falls all the way to #13. Haden has the potential to be a lockdown defender.

14. Seattle Seahawks – CJ Spiller, RB – Clemson

  • Pete Carroll is salivating at the possibility of coaching the most electric player in the draft. C-hris J-ohnson Spiller?

15. New York Giants – Derrick Morgan, DE – Georgia Tech

  • A huge steal for the Giants at #15, Morgan is the most polished and solid pass rusher in the draft. They could look at Kyle Wilson also.

16. Tennessee Titans – Earl Thomas, FS – Texas

  • Top 10 talent at #16? He is simply too good to pass up and could potentially play CB or FS.

17. San Francisco 49ers – Brandon Graham, DE – Michigan

  • Graham is legitimate pass rusher but they crave a OT. Unfortunately, there is a sharp drop off after Bulaga. Other possible options: Sean Weatherspoon, Jerry Hughes and Mike Iupati. The phone will be buzzing for trades at this pick.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Iupati, OG – Idaho

  • They need help in run blocking and protecting an immobile Ben Roethlisberger. Oh wait… They could take a hard look at Kyle Wilson too.

19. Atlanta Falcons – Sean Weatherspoon, OLB – Missouri

  • Maurkice Pouncey is a hot name for this pick but the Falcons rule in the favor of a playmaker. A center at #19 is just too hard to justify.

20. Houston Texans – Ryan Mathews, RB – Fresno State

  • The Texans draft strictly on highest rated prospect, not area of need. While Ryan Mathews feels like an ideal fit in the Texans run scheme, I feel like the depth of running backs is much better than at corner. Kyle Wilson would look nice in Battle Red but he will be overlooked if Mathews is still on the board. Trading down also feels like a very viable option. One of these players will be taken here: Ryan Mathews, Kyle Wilson, Devin McCourty, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams, Jared Odrick, Taylor Mays

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Jermaine Gresham, TE – Oklahoma

  • If he has recovered fully from last season injury, Gresham is a force in the pass game and potent at blocking.

22. New England Patriots – Dez Bryant, WR – Oklahoma State

  • Character issues lead to Dez falling all the way into the Pats lap at #22. Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Dez Bryant= lethal.

23. Green Bay Packers – Jerry Hughes, LB/DE – TCU

  • One of the most versatile players in the draft will compliment Clay Matthews in the 3-4.

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Maurkice Pouncey, C – Florida

  • Top 10 talent but slides because of his position. He could shift over into being a starting guard to protect Kevin Kolb.

25. Baltimore Ravens – Jared Odrick, DT – Penn State

  • Sergio Kindle makes sense at this pick but Odrick upside is too large to pass on. Yet another game changing defensive player for the Ravens.

26. Arizona Cardinals – Sergio Kindle, DE – Texas

  • Freak athlete. Versatile. Fast. Perfect combination for a defensive who lost a lot in free agency.

27. Dallas Cowboys – Charles Brown, OT – USC

  • Jerry Jones is a loose cannon in the draft but he realizes the huge hole he created by releasing Flozell Adams. Why do I have a feeling that Taylor Mays might get picked if he’s still on the board?

28. San Diego Chargers -Brian Price, DT – UCLA

  • Kareem Jackson, Terrence Cody or a 2nd round grade RB might be their pick also.

29. New York Jets – Ricky Sapp, DE – Clemson

  • They’ve signed 416 free agents this offseason but a pass rushing DE could help bolster the pass rush. Sapp could get into the rotation quickly and learn a lot from Jason Taylor.

30. Minnesota Vikings – Tim Tebow, QB – Florida

  • The Golden Boy Brett Favre takes the Messiah under his wing. What is more perfect that the most talked about NFL QB pairing up with the most talked about college QB. Talk radio will never be the same.

31. Indianapolis Colts – Roger Saffold, T – Indiana

  • LT is by far their biggest concern. They could move up for a higher rated prospect.

32. New Orleans Saints – Everson Griffen, DE – USC

  • They could go DT but EG has the raw tools to be a potent pass rusher.