5 Reasons: Why Ken Hamlin should be a Texan


Reason #1:The Texans secondary has more holes in it than Tupac

  • With Brice McCain, Glover Quin, Eugene Wilson and (newly re-signed) Bernard Pollard slated to be the four secondary starters, the Texans are young, inexperienced and shallow in the defensive backfield. Eugene Wilson showed flashes of consistency (which is pathetic in itself) before his year-ending injury last season. The Texans need a ball-hawking/rangy free safety than brings play making ability. Ken Hamlin potentially brings that factor.

Reason #2: He’s young, yet experienced

  • At 29 years old, Ken Hamlin still has enough gas in the tank to fill the void until the Texans actually use a high draft pick on a safety. In his 7 year career, he has played in 98 games (including five full 16 game seasons). A talented veteran presence (alongside Bernard Pollard) could spell playoffs for the Texans in 2010.

Reason #3: Big Risks = Big Reward

  • Bernard Pollard. After being cut by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2008 off season, the Texans rolled their dice on the flamboyant, quasi-problematic and extremely talented safety. In an uncharacteristically successful free agent move, the Texans stuck gold with BP. The gamble worked, his production increased and Battle Red Nation had found the hard hitting intimidating presence they had been looking for. He had more solo tackles, total tackles, passes defended and 4x the interceptions than the year before. Sign Ken Hamlin to a short term, low cost contract and roll the dice again Bobby-Mac.

Reason #4: Prematurely Cut

  • Cowboys backup safety Alan Ball took over starting duties from Ken Hamlin after he went down with a high ankle sprain last year. It was widely reported that Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips thought very highly of Ball. Hamlin was set to receive a $5.596 million salary in 2010 (obviously more than Jerry Jones thought Hamlin was worth). It makes sense to cut the statistically souring safety, rather than pay him for his potential mediocrity.
  • After the 2007 season, KH’s production decreased significantly after he was awarded a 6-year, $39 million contract. Hamlin now has the fiscal motivation to return to his Pro-Bowl form from ’07.

Reason #5: Cheap

  • After getting injured last year, losing his starting job and being perceived as a “inept tackler and liability in coverage”, Ken Hamlin’s stock is not exactly soaring. A one year, low cost contract could give the Texans options. If he pans out and he shows shades of his 2007 form, then the Texans have yet again hit free agent safety gold. If he is apathetic, injury-prone or over the hill, simply cut him and lose a few million bucks. It is truly a low risk, high reward move. Quantitatively, it makes sense. Fiscally, it makes sense. From a necessity standpoint, it makes sense.

Realistically, the Texans will not only not give Ken Hamlin a shot at being a starting safety, but they won’t even bring him in. The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain described him as “over the hill” . Why not swing for the fences? This is THE year to make it or break it. Gary Kubiak will not be Head Coach if they go 7-9 or 8-8 in 2010 (unless they make the playoffs). If we were playing the World Series of Poker, it’s time to push all of our proverbial chips in. You do not win by playing it safe; you win by taking educated risks and playing with confidence.

Swing for the fences Mr. McNair, swing for the fences…