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Brian Cushing wins his 2nd AFC Player of the Week, Rap Album Soon to Follow?


For his 10 tackles, 1 sack and 1 pick against the Bills last Sunday, Texans rookie LB Brian Cushing gets a shiny new trophy for his parents’ house…or maybe it’s a platinum chain…or a coupon for one free neck tattoo…who knows what kind of prizes NFL players get?

Congrats Cush! You’ve earned it the hard way, smashing fools with your face, flying around like a crazy person, making big-time plays and working hard every down. More importantly than the award and the contract incentives, now you have serious street-cred as a pro athlete…It’s time to cut a rap album!

Wait, hear me out. A lot of guys in the rap game call themselves “players” but have no credentials as such, YOU have been officially recognized by the NF-M’erF’n-L as the AFC’s BEST PLAYER on two occasions now. Take that momentum into the studio with some top-shelf producers and beat makers. B-Cush is an awesome rap name.

C’mon Cush, DO IT FOR THE FANS! (that usually works…)

I tell you what, because I’m a FAN, I’m gonna hook you up. My buddy Jim Patton and I wrote a bomb track for Young Jeezy called “Hella-Pad” that we’ll give you…It’s a guaranteed #1 ringtone! It’s yours, **absolutely FREE!!

(** the price is ONE interview for torotimes.com)

It doesn’t matter how bad it is, you know they’ll be kicking it on campus at USC and featuring it during party scenes on The Hills…

Ok, I’m just being stupid. Good work Brian and to the rest of the Texans defense for tightening up after the first few weeks of the season. Now that you guys have it all figured out, we look forward to maximum domination in the second half. I just dropped the Chargers D and picked you guys up in the league that I actually bet money on. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is!

Brian is also up for NFL Rookie of the Week which seems like a done-deal no-brainer, BUT help a player out and vote for him at HOUSTONTEXANS.com

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