Andre Johnson is Tougher Than You.


I don’t think he should be tested for performance enhancing drugs, I think he should be tested for machinery and adamantium parts!

After the Texans victory over the 49ers in week 7, Andre Johnson went to the hospital with what was first described as a chest contusion and was later updated to be a LUNG contusion.

Long story short, he missed one practice and now he’s going to start against the Williams of Buffalo.

Just so you understand how legendarily tough that is, healthy adults often DIE from lung contusions. If YOU had one, you’d stay home from work and lay on the couch for 6 weeks and you DON’T play football in the NFL for a living. The pain would be too much for you to even play MADDEN 10 on PS3 as Andre Johnson.

Andre Johnson has a bleeding tear inside his lung and he’s going to score a touchdown or two this Sunday.

I have a crick in my neck from sleeping too much and now I have to quit my slow-pitch softball team for the year.

There is a big difference between the regular guy and a professional athlete.

I almost forgot, rookie LB Brian Cushing is also expected to play…

This is the full NFL injury report.

You and I can say its for our fantasy football line-ups, but we’ll both know its strictly for gambling purposes.