Rejoice Texans fans! Rejoice for we have been liberated from the curse ..."/>

Rejoice Texans fans! Rejoice for we have been liberated from the curse ..."/>

Two Wins in a Row? We’re Going Streaking!!


Rejoice Texans fans! Rejoice for we have been liberated from the curse of lose/win/lose/win! Now is the time to make our move to the middle of the AFC Wild Card discussion!

By hanging on to win against the 49ers last Sunday, The Texans snapped the cycle of mediocrity, stepping boldly from the balanced grasp of two consecutive 8-8 seasons. I know what you’re saying, “How is a .500 record considered a curse?” Well my friend, it is The Curse of Luke-Warm Soup! The worst blight possible in the sports realm, riding the middle road to Dullsville, neither angering or rewarding its fan base with dramatic wins and heartbreaking losses but instead offering only the dull ache and general bruising of unexciting, non-meaningful, change-the-channel football.

Football fans in Texas are a tough breed. We demand red meat for our loyalty. From High School JV to the heights of the NFL, we boo a poor effort. That was the story of game one of this season, when Dirty Sanchez and the NY Jets wiped their butts with the Texans and the fans at Reliant Stadium booed themselves hoarse and left in droves early in the 3rd quarter.

May I remind you that it was raining tropical-storm style at the time!

That is the ultimate example of disapproval. Fans spent hundreds of dollars for opening day tickets, parking, food, beers and merch for the kids…and they were so MAD and DISAPPOINTED at the Texans performance that they left the comfort of Houston’s largest building and traipsed through the pouring rain and drove home.

I bet they even beat their kids in the truck a little too.

You see, this is the year that Houston football fans are FULLY INVESTING in the Houston Texans. After 6 years of existence, after two 8-8 seasons this is the season when Houston fans don’t just feel excited to just have a team, but actually get MAD when they lose. That’s the difference between a kid’s soccer team and a NFL franchise worth getting a tattoo for.

The lose/win/lose/win pattern has been maddening to us. Are we a good team or do we suck? Do we paint our faces or put a bag over our heads? Can we get our hopes up or are we stuck at 8-8? Or worse, could we backslide to 7-9?? Oh the HORROR!!!!!!

But no longer. The Texans are on a 2 game winning streak. Against two of the hottest teams in the NFL so far this season in Cincinnati and San Fran no less! They could easily make it 3 in a row in Buffalo against T.O. and the Magical Backups this weekend, which would set us up nicely for a robust beating by the Colts before the bye week.

Do you see where this is headed dear loyal TORO TIMES reader? Are you picking up what I’m laying down? Are you feeling what I’m dealing? Barring any catastrophic injuries (great, I just jinxed us) we are on a steady glide path to a 9-7 finish. That would be the first ever winning season in Houston Texans history. That would make us a playoff team*. And ANYTHING can happen in the PLAYOFFS**.

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*not exactly. the Patriots were 11-5 last year and missed the playoffs.
**not exactly, we’d most likely be first round hamburger on the road against a #1 seed. but still, 9-8 is a winning season!