Gun that killed McNair purchased Thursday by second victim


More developments on the Steve McNair homicide investigation:

Police have determined that the pistol found at the scene had been purchased two days prior by Sahel Kazemi.

Police have been reluctant to rule on Kazemi’s death because they are still seeking a motive.

The case is still open but in light of the current developments I think it’s safe to say that, in the court of public opinion, this case is most certainly closed. I think we should all put this into perspective before we huddle in our little circles and talk ambivalently about a man that 99% of us had never met. We, as football fans, appreciate what Steve McNair gave us on Sundays, relentless hustle and toughness and reels of highlight footage. Off the field, however, he was a husband, a father, a son and a friend to many. He was a human, and as all humans do he made his own mistakes. Before we are too quick to label the man and judge his life based on a snapshot in time, a stack of news articles, let us remember that he had a family who loved him and friends who will miss him. As the great Charles Barkley put it best,

"“”I am not a role model. . . parents should be role models.”"

We knew about Steve McNair because of what we he did on the football field. He, like the rest of us, is not perfect. Let us remember the man who gave so many of us joy and be as forgiving of his trespasses as we would expect others to forgive us of ours.