We’re gonna need a bigger boat…


Ladies and gentlemen, this is not your father’s Houston Texans football team. This team has star power at key positions as well as a good mix of young players and veterans. The former punching bag for the rest of the NFL seems to be primed for a breakout season in 2009. If you’re not yet drinking the kool-aid then I suggest you reconsider. It seems as though some others are getting thirsty:

Mark Jones at Bleacher Report thinks the Texans will go 11-5 next season and make our first trip to the playoffs.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports beleives that we have the best chance to be the 2009-2010 version of the Arizona Cardinals.

A team as talented as this one can’t fly under the radar forever.

The draft is 43 days away.  Stay tuned for more in depth analysis…