The Eric Winston Show and the Pro Bowl


Eric Winston plays right tackle for the Houston Texans.  That is not the stuff that sounds like it would make for very interesting radio.  I mean, how about a running back or a linebacker or Dunta Robinson.  I thought, can’t y’all spice it up a little bit for the radio listeners.  That was my attitude when I learned that Eric Winston would be the player manning the spot for SportsRadio 610’s player show.  To top it off the freakin’ guy went to Miami.  I mean bring Steve McKinney home from Seattle to take on the show.

To my great surprise, Winston is very well spoken, interesting, and insightful.  Winston is also getting some play for a possible Pro Bowl spot.  Winston had a particularly good game against the Packers.  Winston is in his 3rd year with the Texans and stands about 6-5 and weighs nearly 300 pounds.

If Pro Bowl voters like Winston as much as I like his radio show, he’ll be in Hawaii this year.  Winston’s show can be heard on SportsRadio 610 from 5-6 every Tuesday afternoon.