Vandermeer the Limbaugh of the Texans


Marc Vandermeer, the voice of the Texans is to the Texans as Rush Limbaugh is to the United States. Does that make sense to you? Think about it.

One of the things Rush is popular for is “propping” the United States. When every other media outlet seems to find ways to denigrate the US, Rush finds ways to speak in remarkable terms about our country. CNN bashes Bush on the Iraq war and Rush is quick to state reasons for the War. Bush is bashed for Club Gitmo and Rush has Bush’s back.

Vandermeer is many times seen as someone who has Texans Battle Red colored sunglasses on. When the Texans are going poorly, Vandermeer has the team’s back. It was tremendously apparent during the David Carr era that this would be Vandermeer’s approach to his morning radio show. Vandermeer had the much maligned quarterback’s….well, back for most of Carr’s tenure. More currently, Vandermeer has had the back of Rosenfels and Schaub.