Houston Texans fan wants Cowboys to win on Thanksgiving


Nearly every Thanksgiving and Christmas I spend in the DFW area with family.  Yesterday was no different.  When I arrived in Dallas, I took I-30 west through Arlington.  Along the way, I passed an enormous structure that will soon be the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

An odd thing happens to me when I’m around family in Dallas.  I find myself rooting for the Cowboys.  Ordinarily, when I’m in Houston, the Cowboys are the last team I want to watch play football.  I love talk radio that bad mouths anything Dallas.  My love-to-hate the Cowboys attitude began in college.  I had the great displeasure to come into contact with some mighty arrogant Cowboys fans.  The kind of fans you’d like to punch in the mouth but opted not to…only so you could continue your college education.

Yesterday, the Cowboys easily beat the Seattle Seahawks.  Seattle had as much a chance winning that game as my cousin Brent had of beating up my cousin Doug when we were younger.  The final score was 34-9.  The Seattle defense couldn’t do anything to stop Tony Romo and Dallas’ offense.  Romo threw for 331 yards.  Jason Witten was the recepient of 115 of those yards and TO, 98.  The Seahwks didn’t have a chance to score a touchdown against Dallas.  Everytime Seattle was in the red zone, the Cowboys defense would stiffen and disallow any touchdowns to be scored.

It was a great Thanksgiving.  I was surrounded by family and the Cowboys won.  I can’t wait for the Cowboys’ next victory.  Hopefully, it won’t come til next Thanksgiving.