Great Rivalry Developing between Texans and Jags


The Texans are looking forward to a big game next week on Monday Night Football.  The Jacksonville Jaguars come to town with the same losing record the Texans have at 4-7.  Make no mistake, this will be a great Monday Nighter.  These two teams play one another about as physcial as any combination in the NFL.

Jacksonville lost yesterday to the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings whooped up on them in fairly easy fashion.  The final score was 30-12.  The Jaguars were out of the game before it started giving the Vikings 14 points on a pair of fumbles in the first 2 minutes of the game.

Turnovers are the name of the game in the NFL.  The Texans did a great job in the Browns game getting 5 turnovers compared to only turning the ball over twice.  In the Monday Nighter against the Jag’s, turnovers will be the key for the Texans.  They must capitalize on any mistakes made by the Jaguars.  Touchdowns, touchdowns, touchdowns are the desired outcome of any turnovers by the Jags.  Settling for field goals will be costly in this game.

On offense, Sage Rosenfels is key.  He was great coming off the bench when Matt Schaub was hurt.  He hadn’t even practiced and came off the bench to play very well in that game.  He wasn’t feeling any pressure.  He didn’t feel the build up to the game like a starter does.  He got in that game and started flinging the ball around like Roger Staubach.   Now that Sage is the starter, he has tightened a bit.  So a big key for Sage is to get him off to a quick start.  The line played exceptionally well yesterday.  That needs to continue.  The receivers are as a good a group as there is in the NFL.  That also needs to continue.  If Sage can complete the first couple passes right out of the starting gate, he’ll be golden for the entire game.  Sage will struggle if he gets off to a slow start.

This is going to be a great football game.  Losing teams or not, this one will be worth watching.