Fans in Stands more eventful in Texans win over Browns


The Texans beat the Browns in Cleveland Sunday afternoon.  The score was 16-6.  It was about as exciting a game as watching paint dry.  I ‘m a big fan of the Texans and I’m glad they won, but this was a bad football game.

Andre Johnson went over the 1,000 yard mark for the 3rd time in his career.  Steve Slaton rushed for 72 yards.  Rosenfels and the offense stayed on the field for most of the game.  Time of possession was the key to this Texans’ win.  The defense was fresh everytime they were on the field and kept the Browns out of the end zone.

It was still a dull game.  I was listening on Sport Radio 610 with the sound down as I watched on CBS.  That is, when I wasn’t asleep.  The most exciting part of the game was happening in the stands.  Apparently, right next to the booth of Texans’ radio announcers Andre Ware and Marc Vandermeer were the coaching staff for the Browns.  Browns fans were heckling their own coaching staff by chanting for a new coach.  Bill Cowher was the name being sung from the stands.

Since Thanksgiving is this week, it should be noted that the Texans’ are 4-6, but fans have lots to be thanful for.  Our players give it their all.  They may lose, but it isn’t because they have packed it in.  Braylon Edwards, the receiver for the Cleveland Browns looked completely disinterested in the game.   The way the game was being described on the radio, the same could be said for the Browns tight end, Kellen Winslow.  How would it feel to root for guys like that?

So, Happy Thanksgiving Texans fans.  We get to root for a good group of players.  I think John McClain would say that we don’t root for punks, jerks, or losers!