Dumb McNabb Overtime Nonsense


Donovan McNabb and his Philadelphia Eagles played to a 13-13 tie when they played the Cincinnati Bengals last weekend. The Eagles were favored to win the game and to have played to a tie against the lowly Bengals was the story. The media missed the main story focusing instead on a minor issue concerning overtime rules.

In case you haven’t heard, McNabb was unaware that an NFL game can end in a tie. If two teams play through a full 75 minutes of football and are tied, the game ends. Who knew? I didn’t know. McNabb’s only mistake was letting the media know that he was unaware of the rule. The know-it-all media complains that they are only given pre planned sound bites from players. McNabb truthfully answered the question regarding overtime and is summarily ruthlessly criticized for his naivitee concerning the rule. Can you blame the players?

The media blew this story up because they have nothing else to talk about. Much was made of the fact that the Philadelphia quarterback is a 10 year veteran and should know the rule. So what, that he is a 10 year veteran? McNabb had never played in an overtime game. How was he to know? Look at the PGA for a moment. Tournaments are peppered with officials who know all the rules. Why? Because veteran golfers don’t know all the rules. Sometimes these PGA tournament officials have to call upon other officials to clarify rules. Things come up that haven’t come up before. This is exactly what happened to Donovan McNabb.

One of you know it alls should go ask Tiger Woods or Kenny Perry about a golf rule. What happens if you pull the pin for an opponent so that his ball drops in the hole instead of banging off the pin and not going in the cup?

Betcha they don’t know the answer. Ease up on McNabb.