Texans fans aren’t the Aggies


For all the deficiencies the Texans showed on defense yesterday, they played a dang good game.  The Colts offense got things rolling in the second half and the Texans defense played poorly, so they lost.  They still played a heck of a game and they were in it until the final 38 seconds when Sage Rosenfels was picked off to end any hope of winning.

To hear the fans talk, you’d think the Texans were the Aggies after losing to perennial whipping boy, Baylor.  On the Texans fan feedback show after yesterday’s game, delusion filled the airwaves of Sports Radio 610.   Fans were calling in about the prospects of getting Bill Cowher or Marty Schottenheimer to town to take command of the team.  Texans fans are short sighted to say the least.

First off, forget Cowher coming to Houston.  He is going to Cleveland or Carolina.  Secondly, the Texans made progress this week.  If they play the Browns the way they played the Colts, the Texans will come out of the Dawg Pound with a win this Sunday.

The Texans problems have been mainly in two areas.  The first is turnovers.  They are now a minus 13 in the turnover margin.  Vince Lombardi’s Packers couldn’t win games with that kind of turnover margin.  Most of the turnovers have come from the quarterback position.  The Texans must eliminate the interceptions at the quarterback position to have a chance to win.  Secondly, is the way the defense plays in the second half.  Opponnents have scored a combined 15 points in the first half the last two games.  The problems have come in the second half where over the last two games the Texans have given up a combined total of 59 points.  What is going on in the second half?

Texans fans have short memories and are a little delusional.  Fans don’t remember that the Texans were not even competitive a few years ago.  The current team is competitive.  It’s not like the Texans lost 41-21 to Baylor.  Give the Texans some room, fans.  They are moving in the right direction.