Dumb Schaub Injury Argument


There have been some dumb arguments in Houston claiming that Matt Schaub is a brittle, soft, weak, frail quarterback.  Pick your word, but use any of those terms to describe the Texans quarterback and you’d be wrong.

Schaub tore the MCL in his left knee two weeks ago against the Minnesota Vikings when 270 pound defensive end, Jared Allen planted his body into the quarterback.  Schaub dug deep and finished the first half with the torn MCL.  Sage Rosenfels has quarterbacked the team since.

Schaub has been critisized for not being on the playing field enough during his stint as Houston’s quarterback.  Football is a brutally tough game.  There are going to be injuries.  Those critical of Schaub are dumb.

In baseball, if a pitcher has a persistent injury to his elbow, he is injury prone.  If a basketball player has never ending foot problems like Yao Ming, he is injury prone and given time to heal his ailments.  These two problems have something in common.  The pitcher hurt himself throwing the ball.  Yao Ming hurt himself running up and down the court.  Neither incident happened due to an opponent’s actions.

Can you see the difference?  The arguments that Schaub is the Tony Romo of Houston are seriously flawed.

Schaub hasn’t been on the field enough for the Texans, but calling into question his toughness is naive at best.  Perhaps the Redskin’s fans thought Theisman was weak when LT broke his leg in the Monday night game.  Come to think of it, I always thought Bo Jackson was a big baby for retiring due to that hip issue.