2009 Texans Draft, Already?


The 2009 Texans draft will be held in 5 months.  Texans fans are still shaking off the lingering effect of Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  After a loss like that, a fan can’t help but peek forward to the 2009 Texans draft.   We are only one more loss away from a full 5 months of draft talk.   At 3-6, we are a Sage Rosenfels interception away from hearing the merits of taking Graham Harrell over some no name defensive end.  Please Sage, for the love of the Texans fans.  I got all the draft talk I can stand after the Texans drafted Mario Williams over Vince Young.

Just this morning I heard someone ask if Graham Harrell of the Texas Tech Red Raiders would be available for the Texans to draft.  I felt like I had been punched by a Tyler Durden upper cut to the jaw.  Already, I thought?  We’re already talking about the draft?  Immediately, I began to do the math.  If we win the rest of our games, we’ll be, uh, let’s see, 10-6.  Playoff bound, baby!

10-6 just isn’t going to happen.  Those that picked the Texans to make the playoffs are going to have to wait until next year, but I implore the Texans.  If you really love your fans, you will win this weekend.  You will put off the serious draft talk for another week.  We’ll be 4-6 and we can kid ourselves about winning out the rest of the schedule.  Ah, perhaps 10-6 is possible.  I can hear Vandermeer making his case already.  We need hope Texans.   Please, Houston Texans.  Please win this game so I can procrastinate listening to the countless reasons Colt McCoy should come out of school early for the Texans to draft.

I’m standing strong.  I’m confident the Texans can beat Indianapolis this weekend.  A few weeks ago the Texans had them beat at Reliant Stadium.  A late 4th quarter surge and numerous Texans mistakes were the only reason the Colts won that game.

On second thought.  What about that kid from Ball State?  The one with the pistol of a right arm.  Will he be available for the 2009 Texans draft?