Could It Be Time For A Change?


It seems that we started this NFL season very high hopes for the Houston Texans and after just two games it looks like we are going nowhere this season. Coming off last season I thought we would be playing better than we are right now. In fact the play has been downright horrible and it has been embarrassing to watch how badly the Texans have played. Matt Schaub has not played well at all at the quarterback position. Maybe a change is needed?

I know many coaches are reluctant to make that change at quarterback, but Tampa Bay did and they have two straight wins. Sometimes as a coach you have to make the move. I would give Matt Schaub one more week to get a win. If he does not than I think it is time to seriously think about making a quarterback change and see what happens. If we lose this week we will be 0-3 so really what can it hurt. I am for giving Schaub one last chance, but that is it.

We cannot keep falling further behind in our division and the playoff race. If we do we can write off another season as we will not be able to recover from it. This is why this week is a must win for the Houston Texans and if we do not get the win than changes need to be made.