Texans-Titans Game Breakdown Part Two


This really doesn’t come much of a shock, but Albert Haynesworth the defensive tackle of the Tennessee Titans is giving his take on the Texans quarterbacks and you can tell Matt Schaub is not one of his favorites. Haynesworth calls him a wimp. Well that is just part of the game and many players need talk like this to get motivated. Haynesworth is a good player and really does not to do things like this, but for him I guess he needs it. To Matt Schaub’s credit he took the high road on this and just ignores it.

On offense though this game is going to center around  Tennessee’s Albert Haynesworth and Texan’s Matt Schaub. The offensive line must contain Haynesworth or at least limit what he can do if we want to win this game. Second we must give Schaub time to find receivers and running backs out of the backfield. If Schaub is sacked a lot it will be a long game for the Texans. The other really big thing that the Texans must do is run the ball. If Ahmed Green can go that is great, but I would not hesitate to run Steve Slaton either. Slaton is young and has good speed and having those big defensive lineman chasing him can only help.

The Texans must stay out of third and long situations if they are hoping to have any chance of winning the game. We must have manageable third down and the Texans will be fine. If we can score early and take the crowd out of the game that will be a big factor. The one thing we need to do better this week than we did against Pittsburgh is protect the ball. We cannot have a lot of turnovers and expect to win the game. It will just not happen.