Texans-Titans Game Breakdown Part One


Well as the Texans put Hurriance Ike behind them as much as they can preparing for the Tennessee Titans is what they are worried about right now. Today we are going to breakdown what the Texans must do on defense to keep the Titans guessing and giving the Texans the best chance to win.

First and foremost it is always tough to play in Tennessee and the first thing you must do is not worry about the crowd and play your game. The Texans need to stuff the running game very quickly so you can make this game one dimensonal. This means Kerry Collins who will be subbing for Vince Young will have all the pressure put on him. Mario Williams and company need to put pressure on Collins, but keep him in the pocket. Collins is a very accurate passer and can read defenses very well. The one thing we do not want Collins to do is improvise as it seems he does that very well and makes some great plays that can hurt you.

We must also try many defensive fronts and schemes to confuse Collins. He is a heady veteran and we must show things he has not seen on film. Every advantage we can get against this guy we will need. Kerry Collins has been in the league now for a number of years for good reasons he’s a smart quarterback and he can beat you with his arm and legs if need be. Pressure will be the key. We need to collapse the pocket around him and force bad throws and get a few turnovers. This will help jumpstart our offense as well if we can get that done we have a very good chance of stealing a win in Tennessee. Tomorrow we will look at what the Texans offense must do against a very stingy Titans defense.