Texans Head Back To Work As Stadium Questions Loom


Texans owner Bob McNair is toying with the idea of playing a home game At Rice stadium if Reliant Stadium’s roof cannot be done in time for the home opener on Oct 5. According to various sources though everyone think it will be ready to play in, but you never know. It is good to have a back up plan just in case.

Mario Williams was glad to get back to work, but in the back of his mind he knows life will not be normal for a long time. In his neighborhood many trees are down and people are without electric. Defensive tackle Travis Johnson’s home was destroyed by the hurricane so the Texan players have other concerns besides the Titans. This week will be a tough one on the players, but they know they have a job to do and will go do it to the best of their abilities.

Many times when teams face adversity like this they become closer and become a better team. I guess this week we will see how the Houston Texans respond to a week off and surviving a hurricane. Hopefully they will bounce back with a big win in Tennessee.