Mario Williams vs Reggie Bush


When the Houston Texans selected Mario Williams out of North Carolina State I was left scratching my head thinking is Charley Casserly crazy or what. Now that Williams is entering his third season I guess he maybe just right on the ball. Williams had six solo tackles in the Pittsburgh game along with a forced fumble and two sacks and has a total of 20.5 sacks for his career. He is a fast powerful upfield rusher that should be around the league for a very long time. Now as for Reggie Bush he has slowed down a lot since he got into the league, but still is a very good player and this season could be a crucial one for him.

I am sure Texan fans would have still liked to had Reggie Bush, but the one thing I have learned and tht is defense wins championships and if you look at some of the past Super Bowl winners that is the case. The New York Giants won with their defense in the end and if it was not for Tampa Bay’s defense they would not have won their Super Bowl either.

Mario Williams is perfect for the system the Texans run and with last years breakout season he is poised to be even better this year. I look for Super Mario to show everyone this season just like he did last season that he was deserving of the number one selection. Besides the Texans got Steve Slaton who is not a bad back either a few years later. So, in the end this could be the best thing that ever happened to the Texans.